Beverage Service

Beverage Service

A one hour hosted bar is now included in our Heritage I Package with Wine Service during dinner.
The rest of our bar service is consumption based & very flexible. You may choose a cash bar or a
hosted bar in which you are responsible for your guest’s consumption.

Recommended Consumption Based Bar Deposits:

Cocktail Hour
• $20 Deposit ~ Full Hosted Bar Cocktail Hour
• $17 Deposit ~ Hosted Bar for Beer and Wine Only

After Cocktail Hour With Heritage I inclusive Bar for Cocktail Hour:
• $18 Deposit ~ Full Hosted Bar Rest of Evening after Cocktail hour that is
included w/Heritage I package
• $15 Deposit ~Beer & Wine after Cocktail hour

All Evening Including Cocktail Hour Consumption Based Bar(5 Hour Reception)
• $38 Deposit ~ Full Hosted Bar All Evening Including the Cocktail Hour
• $34 Deposit ~ Full Hosted Bar Cocktail Hour with beer and wine the rest of the
• $32 Deposit ~ Full Hosted Bar for Beer and Wine All Evening

Beverage Prices (Tax is included with the Cost of the Prices Below):

Mixed Drinks: $10.00 to $15.00
Bottled Beer: $5.50 Common
  $6.50 Premium
Wine: $10.00- 14.00
Soda/Juice: $2.00

You can also have a dollar maximum for the bar. Consumption hosted bars are charged a 20%
administrative fee. Any additional balance over the deposit, needs to be paid by credit card or cash at
the end of the reception. Any remaining credit from the deposit, will be returned that evening in the
form of a company check to the host of the event.

Alcohol may not be served on Sundays until 12:00 Noon. Functions with beverage sales under
$250.00 per bartender will be charged a $50.00 bar set-up fee, per bartender.

All alcoholic beverages must be provided by Butternut Farm Golf Club. Butternut Farm Golf Club
reserves the right to limit & control all alcohol consumption. Proper age identification must be
provided for service. No unused portions of liquor, beer, or wine may be taken from the premises.
Alcohol consumption is restricted to the Clubhouse, porch and terrace areas.

Alcoholic favors may not be provided. All prices and product availability are subject to change.