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Work for Us — ⛳️  for FREE & Ride for FREE - Cart is Included!
New Hire Program! We have the BEST Staff & We Want More of the BEST – Existing staff can receive up to *$150 Bonus for referring New Hires & New Employees can earn up to *$100 Bonus & GOLF is FREE! (See details below) 

2021 Positions Available: All positions are currently filled. 

*New Hire Bonus Details - If new hire works for 5 months, they receive $50 bonus after 5 months and if they work for the entire season they receive an additional $50 bonus at the end of the season.  If existing employee refers a new hire and they work for 5 months, existing employee receives $100 and if referred employee works the entire season, existing employee receives another $50.  

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